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Enterprise-Level API for WhatsApp gateway

Live WhatsApp API Key Demo

Send a message to +234 816 006 7994 through WhatsApp and test the API. You'll see your message in the panel.
{ "from": "*********7974", "text": "If you are reading this, forward to 15 people. Once, a person ignored this and was brutally murdered a year later in a home invasion. Just Kidding..." }
{ "from": "*********0201", "text": "Hi" }
{ "from": "*********9575", "text": "hello there this is Gbenro from Lagos" }
{ "from": "*********1233", "text": "Test" }
{ "from": "*********7609", "text": "hello" }
{ "from": "*********9709", "text": "test" }
{ "from": "*********3561", "text": "What's up" }
{ "from": "*********3561", "text": "." }
{ "from": "*********1239", "text": "Bye" }
{ "from": "*********1239", "text": "Hi" }
{ "from": "*********0356", "text": "Gbenro" }

VERTWHA Features

Whatsapp reception API

Integrate WhatsApp to your own services or apps and receive text, pictures, audios, links and emojis.

Whatsapp text reception API


Whatsapp picture reception API


Whatsapp audio reception API


Whatsapp location reception API


Whatsapp vcard reception API


Whatsapp video reception API
Get started with our reception WhatsApp API

How our WhatsApp API works?

1 WhatsApp API

Pair a number

Pair your own number, or any other for testing.

2 WhatsApp API

Setup your Web Hook

Set up your Web Hook to receive WhatsApp messages.

3 WhatsApp API

Reply messages

Reply messages through WhatsApp using the API.

Make a top up and use the API on one or several numbers. Credit will be consumed from your balance only on those that are in ONLINE mode!
VERTWHA does not provide numbers, so you can quicky pair your own to interact with the API and make tests.

VERTWHA WhatsApp ChatBot

VERTWHA WhatsApp Chatbot

It’s simple, you don’t need to be a
developer to set it up!



VERTWHA pair number

Pair your number

Teach VERTWHA Chatbot

Teach It!

The Chatbot is ready to give autoreplies!

API WhatsApp Clients

Peter Henderson
WhatsApp Reception API

We used code samples from VERTWHA that allowed us to integrate WhatsApp with our services with just a few clicks. In addition, it is more robust than whatsapi php and has support.

Anita Allen
WhatsApp API for reception

To integrate our Chatbot with WhatsApp wasn't possible until we discovered VERTWHA. Now we enjoy a new communication channel with clients improving our attention quality.

Alberto Trujillo
WhatsApp Reception API

With VERTWHA we integrated our CRM and customer support services with WhatsApp in a short amount of time. We are happy to have WhatsApp gateway for our business.

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