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Most Popular Questions

How can I test the operativity of the API?

If you login, you can test how receiving and sending messages work

How can I buy an apikey?

Once logged in, you will have DEMO credit with which you can fully test our system.

How much is the minimum purchase?

The minimum purchase is 20 USD, equal to 1hr of use per ONLINE number. Then, you can keep making the recharges that you need.

How does the credit system work?

All your numbers in ONLINE status will consume credit from the same bag. The uploaded numbers that are OFFLINE will not consume credit.

Whose WhatsApp reception number is this?

VERTWHA does not provide numbers. You have to pair one or several numbers and keep them active.

How long does the system take to pair a new number?

It usually takes no longer than 2 minutes.

Can I, from one account, manage several numbers?

Yes. You can add as many personal numbers as you want. Each one will have it's own APIKEY.

Is there any limitation on the amount of messages I can receive and send?

There is not limit. You can send and receive as many messages as you like. Current sending speed is around 500 messages per hour per registered number.

Which types of messages can I receive and send?

You can receive texts, audios and images and emojis. You can send text, images and emojis only however you can send links in it containing any type of multimedia content (files, videos, audios, etc).

Which characters can I receive or sent in text messages?

VERTWHA accepts all characters.

Can I customize the profile picture?

Yes, you can simply change your profile picture on the phone.

Can I customize the nickname and status?

Yes, you can simply change them on the phone.

Do I have reports of the receiving and sending process?

The system will inform you when a message is received and when it is queued into the system.

Can I, from one account, receive and send messages to several countries simultaneously?


Can I send a message containing a hyperlink?

Yes, with hyperlinks you can attach any type of content

How long does the system take to receive or send a message?

Receiving a message can take between 15 to 30 seconds.
Sending a message can take between 15 to 30 seconds.

Can we receive calls?

No, you can not receive calls.

Can I use my own numbers as the sender to send messages?


It works in all countries?


For how long are my credits available?

Your credit has no expiration date.

Can I receive and send emojis?

Yes, of course ;)